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ERSA Qualified Stringers

ERSA Qualified Stringers

Reliable and functioning equipment is the starting point to play most sports. Tennis, badminton, and squash are no different – your racquet is a big investment that needs continual maintenance to give you the best game possible. Stringing your racquet is a big part of that care and it requires specialist knowledge to be done properly. Not sure who to go for the best stringing? Read on to find out why you need an ERSA-certified specialist…

Who is ERSA?

ERSA stands for The European Racquet Stringers Association. The association was created to help educate its members and consumers about the stringing of sports racquets. Founded in 2001, it now boasts over 3,000 members in over 30 countries – these members include racquet specialists, coaches, sporting goods retailers, manufacturers, and racquet sports players. ERSA has expanded its certification to include courses for tennis, badminton, and squash racquets.

Why choose an ERSA accredited stringer?

ERSA  accredited stringing specialists have to complete several intensive courses and tests to gain accreditation. In creating these qualifications ERSA has set an industry standard for stringing and racquet knowledge. A poorly strung racquet could destroy your game or even cause you injury – having your racquet strung by an ERSA member guarantees stringing done to the highest standard and no surprises. An ERSA-certified stringer will have a full understanding of racquet service, including re-gripping, weight and balance, installing grommets and string, and how to handle sizing. ERSA helps its members keep their skills on-point and up-to-date by providing workshops, new tests, and the latest information. 

ERSA stringing in South Africa

Baseline Racquets are the official testers and certifiers for ERSA in Southern Africa. Our stringers are certified as Pro Stringers and Master Pro Stringers. Want your racquet strung by the best in the business? Visit one of our Baseline Racquets stores or pop us an email at to find out more.