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Baseline Warrior – Alec Beckley

Baseline Warrior - Alec Beckley

Baseline Racquets is proud to have Alec Beckley on our team as a Baseline Warrior!

Alec Beckley, the 21-year-old unseeded SA player and Baseline Warrior defeated Italian top seed Simone Roncalli 6-4, 6-4 in Egypt to win his first ITF Pro title at M15 Sharm Elsheikh on Sunday.

Congrats to Alec, his family and his team at Real Athletes Tennis Academy.


Alec is an aggressive baseliner who has earned impressive results over the years!

Alec has previously taken home a 25k Futures ITF Doubles Title and played an outstanding game to beat former world-ranked 78 Konstantin Kravchuk. Within the same tournament, he made the quarters of the 25k ITF and held the number 1 ranking in doubles under 18 for most of 2019.

Well done Alec, we’re thrilled to have you onboard!

Player Overview:

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