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Yonex makes big changes to the VCORE 98L but keeps the user friendly mobility that made this such a perfect option for rising intermediates. At roughly 300 grams strung and boasting a low 306-RDC swingweight, this racquet is significantly more maneuverable than the standard VCORE 98, making it much easier for improving players to load the ball with pace and spin. For 2021 Yonex reengineers this racquet’s beam, giving it a thicker cross-section in the head for added power and stability. Yonex has also widened the hitting area above the 3/9 axis, making for a more lively, spin-friendly and responsive contact zone. New technologies include Flex Force, a uniquely flexible graphite (NAMD-2) used in the lower hoop/upper shaft to help the racquet bend more optimally at impact. To increase spin-potential, the VCORE 98L comes with String Sync, a grommet design that helps the strings snapback more powerfully during impact. Additional technologies include a Vibration Dampening Mesh in the handle (think comfort), along an ISOMETRIC head shape, a time-tested feature that makes Yonex racquets feel generous and forgiving without compromising your connection with the ball.From the baseline the VCORE 98L is defined by its speed and spin-friendly precision. The easy acceleration enables you to take bigger, more powerful cuts at the ball, and the high level of precision will enable you to place the ball very effectively. This stick also shines at net where its raw speed will quicken your reactions and help you pounce when opportunity knocks. Ultimately, the VCORE 98L provides improving players with a user-friendly entry point into outstanding feel and playability of the VCORE family.

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