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This footwear marvel is purpose-built to excel in the dynamic world of padel sports, where quick movements and challenging surfaces demand the utmost in performance.

Crafted with a keen focus on stability, this shoe sets itself apart by providing athletes with a steadfast foundation for every intricate maneuver. Whether you’re darting across the court or pivoting with precision, the shoe’s design ensures your movements are met with unparalleled support and balance.


  • The upper is made from customized nylon and welded TPU to reduce weight and seams. The material used on the toe reinforces its strength and durability. A ventilation VTS system keeps foot temperature constant. The insole is built by EVA pre-molded designed outsole. The base is created with 2 mm natural EVA stitched to the upper.
  • The midsole is made with two different cushioning systems. In the top section, PULSOR SYSTEM provides stability, while the lower section attached to the sole is made with BOUND REACTIVE to provide excellent shock absorption. STABILIS SYSTEM: TPU piece to avoid awkward rotation.
  • The outsole has a rubber sole with high abrasion resistance at DIN-40.


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