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How do you describe “the Wolf?” Agile, aggressive, spectacular… And if the world Number 1 is special, so is his racket. The racket, the result of a collaboration with Juan Lebrón, combines extreme power, maximum spin and exclusive design. You can now play in the colours of the best player in the world with the Juan Lebrón Technical Viper.

Team BABOLAT pro players may play with a customized or different model than the equipment depicted.


  • EXPLOSIVE POWER – You wanted power, we’re giving you explosiveness. In addition to increased strength thanks to this custom carbon design for Juan Lebrón, you’ll discover explosive power like you’ve never experienced before. Make all the difference and outplay your opponents.
  • PRECISION – The TECHNICAL STRIKER needs to be decisive with every offensive stroke. That’s why precision is a must. With its diamond-shaped hole pattern, this racket will make your shots ultra-decisive.
  • SHOTS WITH SPIN – The game of padel has evolved a lot in recent years as ball spin has become a huge asset in certain types of game situation. Whether attempting a smash for 3 or even a vibora, the racket’s texture will enhance the effect and make your shots even more decisive.


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