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Be like the pros and turn heads when you step out on the court with this high-performance RH12 racquet bag in the new Pure Aero colors. The Babolat RH12 Pure tennis bag sets the standard with its disruptive design and variety of features. We’ve created a new more ergonomic and hard-wearing version of the RH12 Pure Aero. With 3 compartments, the RH12 is the biggest bag in the Pure Aero range. The main compartment can hold up to 6 racquets, plus all the accessories you need to shine on the court. The other 2 compartments (for 2 and 4 racquets) are insulated to protect your strings from temperature fluctuations. Designed to meet the needs of the most exacting players, the RH12 Pure Aero comes with 2 side pockets ideal for your keys, phone, grips or tissues to offer your opponent when you defeat them… And, because we want to offer the very best, we’ve designed this RH12 bag to have a hard-wearing outer that’s waterproof and highly durable. The bag also features our new “color-free lining” made of 100% recycled and dye-free fabric. Team BABOLAT pro players may play with a customized or different model than the equipment depicted.


  • DESIGNED FOR TENNIS – Tennis players know what they want in a tennis bag. Protected racquet compartments. Multiple zippered pockets to organize valuables and accessories. Adjustable straps. Waterproof storage for dirty shoes and clothes. This bag sets the bar. High.
  • MAXIMUM PROTECTION –  For maximum protection, we’ve opted for a durable, waterproof outer material. The inside of the bag is made of our new white, ultra-resistant isothermal material to maintain the tension of your racquet strings and protect them from extreme variations in temperature. This bag is also easier to clean. Just wipe with a sponge!
  • LIFEPROOF TARPAULIN – Material developed using 600D Polyester with a special OVC coating (REACH compliant) that is waterproof and extra durable.
  • CLEAR VIEW SHOES COMPARTMENT- Quickly check that you have your shoes packed thanks to the new transparent shoe compartment. The shoe compartment is seamless and waterproof so you can clean it easily when needed. It’s also vented to the outside, keeping odors from migrating to other areas of the bag.
  • COLOR-FREE LINING – Our new “color-free” lining is made of 100% recycled polyester (PET) and is dye-free: we save water by not dying the lining of the bag. The white lining makes it easy to organize and find what you need.
  • REMOVABLE SHOULDER STRAPS – A shoulder strap system that can be removed when checking your bag at the airport to avoid potential damage.
  • DURABLE INSULATED COMPARTMENT – New EXTRA durable, light, recyclable, and dye-free insulated fabric to keep your racquets safe from a wide range of temperatures and thermal variations.


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