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Developed by Adidas for top-tier performance, the Metalbone Carbon 3.3 is a Padel Racket used by the young talent Pablo Cardona. This racket is designed to meet the demands of the most competitive players, featuring a 6k carbon fiber face and the signature octagonal frame characteristic of the Metalbone range, providing exceptional rigidity and strength.

Metalbone embodies a rebellious spirit, crafted for individuals whose unwavering belief in their dreams transforms them into reality. Success, it asserts, is not incidental but a deliberate outcome. Elevate your game to new heights! This ethos is echoed by All for Padel, in collaboration with Adidas, emerging as leaders in the field. Their revolutionary designs have redefined the boundaries of Padel, renowned for producing high-performance products with sleek designs tailored for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Their range includes Padel Rackets, Balls, and Accessories.


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