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5 Top Tips for Racket Care

5 Top Tips For Racket Care

1. Replacing Your Grip

The grip on your racket should be replaced a minimum of twice a year depending on how often you play. Absorbent grips can help prevent your hand from slipping during high-stakes games and a comfortable grip can prevent arm problems caused by twisting hands, as well as preventing blisters and hand injuries.


2. Restring As Required

As your strings age, they tend to lose their tension. This happens faster – the more that you play. Incorrectly tensioned strings can impact your racket’s power, control, and feel. Stringing should be done according to how often you play – 5 hours a week would equate to tensioning 5 times a year, those that spend less time playing could opt for once or twice a year.


3. Protecting The Head

Protecting the structural integrity of your racket starts with correctly transporting your racket, always use an appropriate racket bag or padded backpack. This will also minimize unnecessary scratching of the frame – keeping your racket looking good. Do not store anything heavy on top of your racket frames or strings. There are also protective tapes that can be used to protect from ground scrapes.


4. Store Correctly

Avoid storing your rackets in garages, basements, attics, near fireplaces, or in direct sunlight. Different rackets are made of different materials and density compositions.  Extreme heat conditions can result in these materials being distorted or twisted. On the other hand, cool rackets may become fragile and break. Heat-resisting tennis bags can help regulate these temperatures – especially when traveling or flying.

5. Proper Cleaning

Your tennis racket can be wiped down with a wet-wipe or lint-free cloth in order to keep your racket clean. This should especially be done when playing on clay or dirt courts where wet dirt and clay can get clogged in the grommet holes. A fine/ soft toothbrush could be used to gently massage away dirt. You should avoid using any type of detergent as they may be abrasive, or oily, and can result in damaging the surface finish of your racket or damage your strings. Rubbing alcohol could be used to sanitize the racket frame but keep away from the grip area. The grip should be kept dry at all times. Never use a high-pressure hose on your racket.