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Squash Ball Guides

Our Guide To Choosing Your Squash Ball

Introduction Ball

Has a single blue dot suitable for
beginners and juniors. This ball is 12% bigger and has more bounce than the
Pro Squash Ball. Making it easier to
keep the game going and also doesn't
 have to be warmed up before the game.

Progress Ball

Ideal for recreational players. This ball is 6% bigger than the Pro and bounces 20% more. If you find the play a bit difficult using the Competition -  Then this ball will give you more time
between returns.

Competition Ball

For experienced players - this ball has the same dimensions as the Pro ball but bounces 10% more. This ball can also be used for training sessions and especially in cold weather conditions.

Pro Ball

Suitable for very advanced players. This ball is the official ball at all national and international tournaments.

The Pro has the lowest bounce and requires a good technique by both players

High Altitude Ball

In high-altitude areas with lower air pressure, it is necessary to use a ball that has even less bounce.  A high-altitude ball is often used in places such as Mexico City, Johannesburg and  Calgary. 

It’s important to remember the temperature on the court influences the bouncing qualities of a squash ball: when it´s very cold, it´s a good idea to choose a ball with more bounce even if you´re an advanced player.