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With the Propulse line, Babolat aims to provide players with maximum stability, durability and comfort. On the support and stability front, the Power Belt technology and external shell of the new Propulse Fury locked our playtesters’ feet in place for a secure fit and a stable ride. Like Propulse models of the past, this new version maintained the line’s reputation as a durable hard-court shoe, and the six-month durability guarantee was icing on the cake. However, when it came to comfort, these shoes did need some adjustments. Even after breaking in their shoes, a couple of the playtesters were left wishing for a bit more cushioning in the forefoot. The more minimal feel in the forefoot did allow our testers to feel connected to their movements and aided in keeping these shoes feeling fluid on the court, especially considering their heavy-duty design. Overall, the Propulse Fury is ideal for aggressive movers who are looking for excellent durability and stability to maximize their potential to run down every ball.


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