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Baseline Warrior – Alec Beckley

Baseline Warrior - Alec Beckley

Baseline Racquets is proud to have Alec Beckley on our team as a Baseline Warrior!

Alec is an aggressive baseliner who has earned impressive results over the years!

Alec has taken home a 25k Futures ITF Doubles Title and played an outstanding game to beat former world-ranked 78 Konstantin Kravchuk. Within the same tournament, he made the quarters of the 25k ITF and held the number 1 ranking in doubles under 18 for most of 2019.

Well done Alec, we’re thrilled to have you onboard!

Player Overview:

WhatsApp_Image_2022-07-06_at_11.20.41_AM.jpeg (1)
WhatsApp_Image_2022-07-06_at_11.19.07_AM.jpeg (1)

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Celebrating Women in Tennis

Celebrating Women in Tennis

This Women’s Day, and Women’s Month, Baseline Racquets would like to take a look back at the tennis greats that paved the way for future female tennis stars. We’re celebrating the game changers and the strong women who changed the sport for the better.

We’ll also be taking a look at the current and future stars and their remarkable achievements as they continue to break records in the sport.

The women who set the stage for the future stars

We can’t celebrate the incredible female athletes of today without looking at the unbelievable achievements of past legends. Here’s Baseline’s top 6 list of past players and their enormous contributions to the game. 

6. Evonne Goolalong

Australian-born Evonne Goolagong turned pro in 1968 and earned an outstanding 68 career titles, winning 7 Grand Slam titles. Her achievements are made even more impressive by the fact that she was the only mother since WW1 to have won Wimbledon, winning the prestigious Grand Slam in 1980. She certainly inspired a generation of women and mothers alike.

5. Billie Jean King

A champion on the court and for women’s equality, no tennis greats list can go without Billie Jean King. Turning pro in 1968, the US-born tennis star would go on to win 12 Grand Slams and 129 career titles. Billie has fought for equality her entire life – advocating for equal pay in tennis. In the battle of the sexes exhibition match, she famously beat Bobby Riggs, inspiring women around the world.

4. Margaret Court


Another famous Aussie to grace our list is the unbelievable Margaret Court. With 192 career titles and 24 Grand Slams, she is arguably the best player of all time. Lesser known are her additional 19 doubles and 19 mixed doubles titles, giving Court a record 62 Major titles to her credit.

3. Martina Navratilova

The triple threat of tennis and one of the most dominant players over a decade was Martina Navratilova. Turning pro in 1975, Navratilova won 167 career titles and 18 Grand Slam Singles titles. But wait, that’s not all.. .

Navratilova is also one of the greatest doubles players ever, having won 31 Grand Slam Doubles titles and 10 Grand Slam Mixed Doubles titles. Plus, her record 9 Wimbledon Singles titles make her the record holder for the most prestigious Grand Slam event. 

2. Steffi Graf

Hot on the heels of Court’s Grand Slam record, is German champion Steffi Graf.  With 22 Grand Slam Singles titles and 107 career titles, Graf was a favourite of the 80’s and 90’s. 

Arguably the most consistent player, Graf has won on all surfaces with a record 377 weeks ranked at number 1. She’s also taken home the calendar year Golden Slam by winning the Olympic Gold in 1988. 

1. Serena Williams

The undeniable GOAT is the one and only Serena Williams. Her remarkable 23 Grand Slam Singles titles make this American the greatest tennis player of the modern era. Serena turned pro in 1995 and has 73 career titles. 

As one of the strongest and most powerful women to ever play the game, Serena Williams has shaped the sport of tennis. Her sister Venus deserves a special mention as together, they have won 14 Grand Slam Doubles titles.

Since becoming a mother, Serena has also reached 4 Grand Slam finals – an incredible feat. With her consistently high level of play, we hope to see her achieve the record-tying 24th Grand Slam.

The future stars and record breakers

Coco Gauff

Coco Gauff made her debut on the Grand Slam tennis scene as a 15-year-old in 2018, beating Venus Williams. This made her one of the youngest Grand Slam contenders in history.

Since then she’s consistently impressed everyone with her performances reaching the quarterfinals at the 2021 French Open and the semifinals of the Italian Open.

Ons Jabeur

Making the continent of Africa proud is Tunisian-born Ons Jabeur. Apart from being one of the player’s favourites, she’s also a crowd favourite. This year marked an incredible achievement for her as she entered the Wimbledon final. 

She also became the first Arab woman to enter the top 10 in the WTA rankings. 

We believe Ons has much more to add to the history books!

Naomi Osaka

Japanese-born Osaka first qualified for a WTA tournament in 2014. In September 2019, she defeated her great idol Serena Williams to win her maiden Grand Slam – the US Open. This made her the first Japanese woman ever to win a Grand Slam title. 

Osaka now has four Grand Slam titles to her name, winning the US Open in 2020 and Australian Open in 2019 and 2021. She is also the first Asian woman to be ranked No. 1 in the world.

Osaka is also notably a strong woman that stands up for social and political change. She’s become a spokesperson against racism and police violence.

What will the future hold?

Baseline Racquets understands there are many more incredible women that have contributed to tennis history that did not make our list, and today we celebrate them all. 

With that in mind, who do you think the next great female tennis star will be? 

Who would you like to see added to our list?

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Dylan Salton

Baseline Warrior - Dylan Salton

Baseline Racquets is thrilled to work with Dylan Salton – a big-hitting, big achiever on the tennis scene!

Dylan Salton is one of our talented tennis players that boasts a long list of achievements – including playing for Team SA at the Davis Cup!

Player Overview:


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Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July - Eco-conscious Shopping

Every July, people across the globe take part in “Plastic-Free July”.  Since 2011, the international movement has aimed to reduce plastic waste in our environment. In 2021, 140 million eco-conscious individuals took part in this initiative by reducing their use of plastic items; opting for glass or paper containers when shopping, or by forgoing plastic altogether. Commendably a large number of our Favourite Brands have extended this commitment far beyond the month of July.

We explore our Eco-conscious shopping options

For many years Adidas has been a front runner in the race to achieve Carbon Neutrality. In 2021, more than 70% of the polyester in Adidas, products were made from recycled materials. With this goal in mind, every 9 out of 10 products will feature sustainable technology, design, and manufacturing. Masun Denison, Global Footwear Director at Adidas, tells us that sustainability is the biggest part of every collection line year on year. This year, at the 2022 Australian Open, Adidas partnered with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority to assemble a floating tennis court made with 100% recycled plastics. This plastic was provided by Parley for the Oceans, a non-profit environmental organization aimed at removing plastic from our oceans. Adidas aimed at highlighting the amount of waste making its way into the oceans – here at one of the seven wonders of the natural world, and on a global scale. Adidas’s 2022 Melbourne collection is entirely inspired by the Great Barrier Reef’s colours; striking coral reds seeping into deep and royal blues while still consisting of 100% recycled polyester and 50% Parley Ocean Plastic Yarn.

From Packaging to Products

The introduction of the new Wilson Clash Super Tour V2.0 Backpack and Racket bag has seen Wilson taking major strides towards reducing its carbon footprint. The backpack and racket bag use 100% recycled PET polyester. The Polyester shell alone is made with  10 and 21 PET recycled bottles respectively per bag. While at the same time Wilson has shifted over to an environmentally-friendly plastic-free tennis ball packaging with the New Wilson Triniti Ball and its prominent “A better ball for the planet” catchphrase. 

Similarly, Yonex has reduced its usage of fossil-derived materials by switching to environmentally friendly,  or recycled, packaging on their strings, accessories, and even rackets where possible. On its apparel side, Yonex has developed recycled polyester from bottles combined with agricultural (organically and sustainably grown) cotton as well as a new eucalyptus cotton fiber derived from eucalyptus trees. Not only this but Yonex has endeavored to simplify its packaging across all products and reduce any waste from packaging and containers. The 75th-anniversary ELITE collection saw Yonex release an entire clothing line made 100% with recycled or sustainably sourced materials and REPREVE recycled polyester. 

Sporting giants pave the way

As part of Nike’s 30-year commitment to sustainability, Nike has used their industry stronghold to pave the way for recycled products by creating recycled PET courts and tracks across the globe. Nike used this same approach to incorporate recycled materials into the soles of their shoes as well. Nike has also sourced recycled Nylons, made from recycled fishing nets to incorporate into their zero movement products. Over 75% of all Nike apparel and shoes contain recycled material as seen in their Nike Court Advantage Dri Fit Tennis Polo, Nike Aerobill legacy caps, and Nike Brasilia duffle bag. Even one of our favourites, the  Nike Rafa challenger T-shirt as worn by Rafa is made with 100% polyester fibers and the latest technologies to keep you cool on the court while keeping our oceans clean too.

Asics  currently sports over 790 sustainable products across its product range. Thebrand uses recycled knit fabric blends across their Court Shorts, Court Tee, and Court Polo range of apparel. These items use the latest technology of material blends to ensure moisture control and the same level of quality you expect from Asics but with a much lower effect on the environment. Cellulose nanofiber (CNF) can be found in the soles of Asics shoes – this nano-sized ultra-fine fiber is derived from sustainable, abundant, and renewable plant biomass. Asics has also partnered with The Better Cotton Initiative to improve cotton farming globally.

Ultimately, just as when it comes to achieving greatness in any sport, the details may not be obvious in the end product, but leading sustainability isn’t only about crossing the finish line. It’s about all the unseen hours of training in-between. When we as suppliers and consumers support the global brands at the forefront of the movement for sustainable products, we ensure their continued commitment on a global scale. 

Shop sustainably with these products

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ERSA Qualified Stringers

ERSA Qualified Stringers

Reliable and functioning equipment is the starting point to play most sports. Tennis, badminton, and squash are no different – your racquet is a big investment that needs continual maintenance to give you the best game possible. Stringing your racquet is a big part of that care and it requires specialist knowledge to be done properly. Not sure who to go for the best stringing? Read on to find out why you need an ERSA-certified specialist…

Who is ERSA?

ERSA stands for The European Racquet Stringers Association. The association was created to help educate its members and consumers about the stringing of sports racquets. Founded in 2001, it now boasts over 3,000 members in over 30 countries – these members include racquet specialists, coaches, sporting goods retailers, manufacturers, and racquet sports players. ERSA has expanded its certification to include courses for tennis, badminton, and squash racquets.

Why choose an ERSA accredited stringer?

ERSA  accredited stringing specialists have to complete several intensive courses and tests to gain accreditation. In creating these qualifications ERSA has set an industry standard for stringing and racquet knowledge. A poorly strung racquet could destroy your game or even cause you injury – having your racquet strung by an ERSA member guarantees stringing done to the highest standard and no surprises. An ERSA-certified stringer will have a full understanding of racquet service, including re-gripping, weight and balance, installing grommets and string, and how to handle sizing. ERSA helps its members keep their skills on-point and up-to-date by providing workshops, new tests, and the latest information. 

Baseline Racquets ERSA Stringers 2022

ERSA stringing in South Africa

Baseline Racquets are the official testers and certifiers for ERSA in Southern Africa. Our stringers are certified as Pro Stringers and Master Pro Stringers. Want your racquet strung by the best in the business? Visit one of our Baseline Racquets stores or pop us an email at to find out more.

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Wimbledon 2022

Points and Prestige: Wimbledon 2022

Top tennis players are preparing to clash on the grassy courts at Eastbourne, on June 27th. This year’s event is set to be as riveting as ever – there are some upsets, several big-name players making surprise returns, and the biggest prize pot in the tournament’s history.

Wimbledon News

A shadow over this year’s tournament is the decision to ban Russian and Belarussian players (due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine). As a result, the ATP has decided to strip the competition of ranking points.

Many players have decided to compete regardless, and Andy Murray has said he does not think the point situation will detract from the attraction and prestige of the event for players and viewers.

Players who will not be able to attend Wimbledon include current World No.1, Daniil Medvedev, as well as Andrey Rublev and Victoria Azarenka.

Wimbledon 2022 - Sanctions, Points & Prize Pool

It is the first time since 1973 that Wimbledon will be played without the World No.1 and No.2; World No. 2 Alexander Zverev will not be taking to the court as he is still recovering from surgery on his ankle.

The lack of points will negatively affect players’ scores for the year, especially Novak Djokovic, who was unable to defend his title at the Australian Open and will not be allowed to play at the US Open due to his Covid-19 vaccine status.

In a bid to compensate for points lost, the prize pool will crack the 40 million pound ceiling for the first time – the Wimbledon trophy alone will be worth two million pounds.  


Players to Watch for at Wimbledon

Players returning include Serena Williams, who caused a stir on Instagram after she hinted that she is set for a comeback at Wimbledon. She confirmed her participation and has approached the women’s World No.4 Ons Jabeur to compete together in the women’s doubles. The return comes as a surprise as the forty-year-old injured her leg twelve months ago, forcing her to exit early and causing doubt over whether she would return to the sport.

In the men’s, Rafael Nadal, who is fresh from his twenty-second Grand Slam win at Roland Garros, said he would be competing if his injured foot holds up.

Serena Williams in action during her first round ladies' singles match against Aliaksandra Sasnovich on centre court on day two of Wimbledon at The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, Wimbledon. Picture date: Tuesday June 29, 2021. (Photo by Adam Davy/PA Images via Getty Images)
Wild card Williams attending Wimbledon 2022

Another exciting player to watch for will be Carlos Alcaraz, who has been spotted doing preparation work on grass – it remains to be seen how the young player will perform on the surface. The nineteen-year-old was knocked out of the French Open quarter-finals by German Alexander Zverev, after a fourth-set tie-break.

American tennis legend Andy Roddick has named Nick Kyrgios as his favourite to win. He admitted that the Australian player can be unpredictable but that Nick is superb on grass and the surface complements his aggressive style.

Alcaraz prepares to take on the grass

French Open 2022 finalist, Casper Rudd, is also set to make a real bid for the trophy at Wimbledon but he has admitted that he is ambivalent about playing on grass and recently joked that “grass is for golf players”.  

2JA07NC Tennis - French Open - Roland Garros, Paris, France - May 26, 2022 Norway's Casper Ruud celebrates after winning his second round match against Finland's Emil Ruusuvuori REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes
Casper Ruud ahead of Wimbledon 2022

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Padel – The world’s fastest growing sport.

Padel: The World’s Fastest Growing Sport.

Padel emerged from humble back-yard beginnings when Mexican Enrique Corcuera altered his home tennis court to create his version of platform tennis in 1969. The fledgling sport became a sensation and spread across Latin America and was later adopted by countries across the globe. Since then, it has been named an international sport and will debut at the 2028 Olympic Games.

What is Padel?

Padel is a hybrid between tennis and squash and is usually played in doubles. The court is divided by a net and is enclosed with walls of glass and metallic mesh (players use the walls as in squash) and is roughly 25% smaller than a tennis court.

The distinctive round, short-handled racquet gives greater control than a typical tennis racquet, and the perforated head creates a less powerful stroke. The use of walls, and a slightly less pressurised ball, creates a fun and fast-paced game that requires strategy and cooperation between teammates.

Another factor in Padel’s popularity is that it can be easy to master as it borrows most of its rules from tennis, but there are some twists such as that it uses an underhand service, unlike tennis. In addition, the special court and racquet mean players do not need as much strength to hit and follow the ball around the court.

Who is Playing?

Tennis players such as Jamie Murray, the seven-time grand slam champion, have become well-known advocates for the sport even taking part in recent padel tour events.

Padel takes the world by storm, and athletes are loving it.

This low-impact sport has also gained wild popularity as a recreational form of exercise with top athletes around the world. Liverpool football manager Jurgen Klopp is a regular on the padel court with his coaches – where he often uses the game as a place to discuss ideas and problem-solve. 

In addition, other football legends have picked up the padel, and the likes of David Beckham, Neymar, and Zedan have been seen hitting the court. Barcelona star Lionel Messi is such a fan of the sport that he has a padel court in his garden where he often plays against former teammate Luis Suarez and others, including Zlatan, Ibrahimovic, and Gerard Pique.

Padel in South Africa

Padel only arrived in South Africa in 2019 when it was introduced at Val de Vie Estate in Paarl, but since then, it has exploded. Swathes of courts have been opened to cater to the growing number of enthusiastic South African players. 

Baseline’s Padel Journey

Baseline South Africa is helping bring padel to Gauteng by partnering with the experts at Padel Lab to construct two new courts in Rivonia and Centurion. We are also excited to announce that Baseline will be exclusively debuting Mercian’s new Guerrillla range of padels. This unique range caters to players at every level.  

Want to try your hand at Padel? Find a court near you:

  • Rotunda Hotel, Camps Bay, Cape Town
  • Century City, Canal Walk, Cape Town
  • Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape
  • Lourensford Wine Estate, Cape Town
  • V&A Waterfront, Cape Town
  • Camps Bay Retreat, Cape Town
  • Huddle Park, Johannesburg
  • Pirates Sports Club, Greenside, Johannesburg
  • Val de Vie Estate, Paarl
  • Glen Beach, Cape Town
  • Johannesburg Country Club, Auckland Park, Johannesburg
  • Clearwater, Roodepoort, Johannesburg
  • German Country Club, Sandton, Joburg
  • Velocity Gym – Hilton, Kwazulu Natal

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French Open 2022 News

What to expect at the French Open 2022

French Open 2022 News

Anticipation is high in the lead-up to the 2022 French Open – the famed clay courts and their spectator stands are expected to return to full capacity after Covid-19 restrictions meant smaller and more subdued events in 2020 and 2021. Here’s what to expect at this year’s Parisian Grand Slam…

Updates and What to Lookout for at Roland Garros:

·         Completed in 2020, the retractable roof over the Phillip-Chatrier court will protect spectators from poor weather and prevent disruption to play.

·         The French Tennis Federation is set to raise the Roland Garros prize money to US$46   million.

French Open Roland Garros Stadium

Tennis Legends: Big Names Return

The tennis stars are set to clash for victory at Roland Garros once more as the Covid 19 epidemic wanes and safety measures are relaxed.

Reigning world champion, Novak Djokovic, returns to defend his 2021 French Open win. He will also be playing to secure his 21st Grand Slam title, which would put his Grand Slam record on par with rival, Rafael Nadal.

Despite a chronic foot injury, Nadal took the trophy at the Australian Open in 2022. Now, the 13-time French Open winner is expected to mount a fierce offensive against Djokovic and other big guns to prove that he is still the King of Clay. 

Stephanos Tsitsipas and Alexander Zverev are also firm favourites in the challenge.

RAFA NADAL French Open

Upcoming Talent: Tennis Players to Watch

The 2022 tour has seen a lot of upsets and exciting developments, as younger players in the women’s and men’s tournaments have begun to surge out in front of the pack and make their mark.

Twenty-year-old Iga Swiatek has torn up the courts in a 28-match winning streak and knocked Ash Barty out of pole position in the women’s world ranking in March. The Polish sensation will be the player to beat in the women’s singles but will not face an easy ride against other favourites such as world no.6, Ons Jabeur, who recently won her first WTA 1000 at the Madrid Open.

In the men’s, Spanish teenager Carlos Alcaraz has been dubbed ‘the next One’ and pundits have noted that his movement on the court has been as good as Djokovic at his best. The young player defeated Nadal, Djokovic, and German, Alexander Zverev, to win the Madrid Open and his fourth trophy of the 2022 ATP season. Djokovic has called Alcaraz the best player of the season, and all eyes will be on him as he takes to the courts in Paris.

French Open Carlos Alcaraz

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Racket Sizing Guide

Our Racket Sizing Guide

Take your best shot with our Racquet Sizing Guide.

Racquet Sizing Guide

 AGE                                                            0-3                            4-6                              7-8                              9-10                              11-12                            12+               HEIGHT (CM)                                  <105CM                105-118CM               118-135CM               135-150CM                  135-150CM                 >150CM
 HEIGHT (INCHES”) EU                       6″                          7-10″                            11-5″                          6-11″                            6-11″                                   HEIGHT (ft)                                        3ft-3ft                      3ft-3ft                           3ft-4ft                        4ft-4ft                             4ft-4ft                           5ft>
 RACQUET LENGTH                             19                              21                                 23                                25                                   26                          27 or adult

Grip Sizing Guide

 GRIP                               0                                1                              2                              3                                 4                                 5
 INCHES (“)                   4                           4 (1/8)                    4 (1/4)                  4 (3/8)                       4 (1/2)                      4 (5/8)                                                         MM                           100-103                  103-106                 106-110                110-113                   112-118                   116-119